Wedding Services

As a client of Officiant On Call Wedding Services, you will receive the following:

  • Personalized wedding vows based on your preferences & expectations
  • Team of professionally trained officiants
  • Professional and prompt service
  • Resourceful professional with a host of connections
  • Pre-marital counseling to address hot topics or pre-wedding day “jitters*
  • Location to accommodate small weddings. ( holds up to 100 people)

Most of all, my team and I remain accessible to you during the entire process. We understand the importance of this day and want to ensure its success every step of the way.

• Initial Client Meeting  (free): This is a great opportunity for us to get to know one another, discuss your preferences, answer any questions and confirm suitability for your wedding.
• File your license with the appropriate county clerk after the wedding. There is no need to return to the courthouse.
• Travel to the location of your wedding.
• Unlimited email & telephone support – ceremony ideas, locations, vendors, etiquette
• Personalized ceremony based on your specifications.
• Attend your Rehearsal.  (Additional fee does apply)*

Ceremony Options:
• Religious – Holy Union
• Semi-Religious – Traditional
• Secular – Civil – Spiritual Non-religious
• Humanist – Intercultural – Interfaith – International
• Contemporary – “Short & Sweet”
• Write your own vows or ‘a special letter’ to each other to be included in the ceremony (this is offered in elopements as well!)
• Vow Renewal – Affirmations of Love and Commitment. I support marriage equality!

Add-Ons: Traditional Ceremonies
• Unity Candle or Sand – Symbolizes the blending of your two lives/families into one.
• Memory Candle to honor the memory of those that have passed.
• Rose Ceremony – your first gift to each other – a single red rose means “I love you”.
• Blended Family Ceremony – Join your two families. Parent & children “vows”.
• Jumping the Sword and/or Broom – Sword symbolic of cutting ties with the old life. Broom represents the remnants of old life being swept away.

  • Ribbon Ceremony Symbolizes the joining of two hearts.
  • Native American Wedding Bowl, Vase or Blanket-Symbolized the joining together through food and drink, the blanket through the joining together in marriage. • Any other ceremonies, traditions, readings, poems, etc.

We can provide the vessels, sand and candles for your convenience.

Also Available:

We offer Packages that will get you from Ceremony to Honeymoon!