“It is love that makes the impossible possible.” Indian Proverb

WE DO Weddings! 

All different kinds of weddings, honoring all cultures and faiths,
In the morning and in the evening. We coordinate
Intimate and large weddings and create memories and tell the story of how love was found and blossomed in English and Spanish!
Our couples light candles, pour colored sand mixing their lives into new adventures.
Our couples jump brooms, break glasses, and drink from wedding vases, while joining hearts and spirits and families.
In the park, at the beach, on a bridge, at home in a castle in private or in a crowd. By the power invested in us we speak the words that will change the course of your life!
But that’s not all, there’s more to come!
We now plan and coordinate weddings, doing all the work while you sit back without the stress.
We get the venue, the OFFICIANT , flowers, DJ, and cake.
The decorations, the invitations, the photographer, videographer, the favors and the car.
We even help you get away, when the party’s over.
At Officiant on Call Marriages Services
Weddings are what WE Do!

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Or call 347-229-7714 & 516-220-0866
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