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“Love is the highest frequency you can vibrate in and the highest state of consciousness.  In the pure frequency of love there is a gratitude, creation, happiness and oneness. Love is all, love is you.”

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Places were Ceremonies were held

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Unity Sand Sets

These are Unity Sand Vessels. As you can see there are many different shapes available, and they come in different price brackets. The range is $35. to well over $400. Some you can have engraved with your names and wedding date. Others have just enough room for just your initials. The sand is sold separately.

1 $40  



4 $72    



8 $47    


North American Navaho Wedding Vases

The wedding vase is treasured and protected always-it is never broken, discarded or destroyed. – Just like a marriage.

Note: These vases vary in price, due to the detail, size and the artist who created them. Each piece is unique, since they are made by hand no two are the same.

vase3 $65    

vase 7 $65

Native American Indian Vases


 yellow large vase  $75

vase1 $75                  

 vase4 $75

vase 5 $75                      

 vase 6 $75

Ceremony Items 

ceremony items 006 $25