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Linette Gomillion- Ellis
Wedding Officiant & Founder of Officiant on Call Marriage Services

Hi Happy Couple!

I became a Wedding Officiant because of my love of family, the joy of marriage and building and fulfillment of interpersonal relationships within the family structure.

I received my Bachelors in Psychology, and Masters in both Advanced Psychological Studies and Human Resource Management.

After experiencing some serious life events I turned my focus on the area of human development and goal attainment, as well as family building and positive spousal commitment, communication, personal and parental leadership.

I know full well the joys of this day.  I was a young woman when I met the love of my life and we had 6 beautiful children together. However, after 25 years of marriage, I lost my love.  I could not imagine a moment without him, but it has been this experience that has led me to becoming one of the chosen officiants for marriages today.

Being an officiant is my “calling” for which I formally entered into the wedding ministry as of February 2014.  One I take seriously, and treat with the upmost professionalism.   I’ve held numerous weddings to date, which has led to my nomination as the  “The Best of….” according to Thumbtack for the years 2015 and 2016!

From the time that my services are secured, I get to know my couples, and understand the reason why they have chosen one another. I assist them with daily issues and answer questions as they come about. It is important to help couples during this process, because many questions about marriage and communication and family come to the surface as the wedding plans progress. And my couples need to have their anxieties attended to, so they will feel comfortable when the big day comes

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and officiating couples, from celebrities, religious/semi-religious secular, intercultural/faith (to name a few) backgrounds. One thing that remains constant-no matter the creed, ethnicity, or sexual orientation- both individuals stand before me in love.  Love has no color, spiritual, or physical boundaries. The universe embraces us all, and so does the spirit that dwells within us.

Phone: 516.220.0866

Email: revlinette@officiantoncall.com

Meet My Officiants!


Eugene A. Kinard, Registered Ordained Officiant

I hold a Bachelor in Management/Communications. I enjoy catching up with friends and family, encouraging others and making people laugh. I am the Co-Host of He Sez, She Sez – Life & Love Radio, Talk Radio from the Heart https://www.facebook.com/HeSezSheSez.     I am also available for Speaking Engagements.

My concept of marriage can be summed up by Proverbs 18: 22. “Who so findeth a wife, findeth a good thing and obtaineth favour of The Lord”. I always emphasize the fact that this scripture does not say “maketh a wife.”   A couple must have the understanding that a man can’t make a woman a wife and a woman can’t make a man a husband. They each must function as such prior to saying “I do.”  This occurs when you are committed to God. Once you do that, He’ll put someone in your path that you are compatible with and will strengthen your spiritual walk. God brings you into His family and then you gain the necessary tools to begin your own family whether its via adoption, blending families together or through natural means.

Phone: 347.389.4749

Email: ministerkinard@officiantoncall.com


Amy Estevez, Registered Ordained Officiant

I am a married mother of 2 beautiful girls. I hold a Bachelor degree in Business Management. My view of life…hmmm…after having explored several religions and spiritual beliefs, I firmly believe in a higher power and a spiritual plane where all kindred spirits reunite when no longer in the physical world. That being said, I have a strong belief in soulmates, especially after having found my own and seeing how much more rewarding and powerful personal growth can be when you have your true soulmate by your side.

Phone: 516.366.0224

Email: ministeramy@officiantoncall.com


Valerie Ramirez, Registered Ordained Officiant and Personal Assistant

I received my Bachelors of Science degree in Speech and Language Pathology. My greatest accomplishments I would say are my 2 beautiful children.
I was raised Catholic but I consider myself more spiritual with a strong belief in God. I am a proud mother of 2 beautiful children; I have been with my significant other for 20 years. Although the journey has been a roller coaster ride I would not change a thing.
In life we imagine the way things should be or how we would like them to be. In reality, life sets the course and it’s up to you to adjust to those changes to achieve your every dream possible.
Never lower your standards but maybe lower your expectations and the disappointments in life you may encounter will be less.
I enjoy spending time with my family. I try to stay very active in my children’s activities and school. I enjoy arts and crafts, cooking, and value my time alone to try to keep myself grounded from the everyday chaos of life.

Phone: 631.743.0753

Email: ministervalerie@officiantoncall.com